So very very brave

Wow, I am truly humbled at the bravery I see everyday in our great and terrifying world. And no one embodies bravery more than Kirk Camron.
For those who don’t know about St. Camron let me give you a little backstory.
Our Father of Bravery was originally Mike Seever on the hit 80’s sitcom “Growing Pains” where he played Mike, the young teenage scamp getting into harmless shinanigans, the occasional “very special episode” level mischief and all around 80s heart throb.
Then, he met Jesus, who blessed him with the bravery necessary to transform from 80’s heart throb to the prophet sent forth to save the lost and damaged souls of today.
Kirk, today we salute your bravery with this tumblr and the title of “So Brave”, as well as the honor of being the original member of our heros gallery.
If this were the Justice Leauge you would be our Superman.
Thank you.